Photo of Abhinav Chetan

12 random things about me

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do 108 Surya namaskars often
  • Know what a bullish harami reversal is
  • Love conducting homas & generally like fire, maybe that’s why I’m thirsty all the time
  • Been reading obsessively for over 2 decades, > 1/4 of my room = some of my books, the rest are in other rooms, attics, bags and garages
  • Roasted Google leadership & teams at annual forums four times & got away with it
  • Oversaw $500 M + spends on digital marketing across the US, UK, and India, learning valuable lessons at others’ expense
  • Dig the lorenz attractor, mandelbrot sets, vesica piscis, and the double-slit experiment
  • Taught digital marketing to 10K+ participants – CXOs, agencies, startups, and my favorite – MBA colleges. I’m still not an MBA but am ironically a guest faculty at some of the top ones
  • Trained to be a yoga teacher at an ashram, realized I needed to learn a lot more, 12 yrs on still a WIP
  • Know how a memory palace works and no you don’t need Sherlock, just moonwalk with Einstein
  • My picks : Scientist – Richard Feynman, Writer – Saki, Yogi – Swami Vivekananda, Investor – Peter Lynch

2 min intro

I joined Google in 2008 when digital marketing was at a nascent stage and saw it grow up close. In my 12 years with Google, I worked across operations, automation, product solutions and marketing. I managed multi-million dollar budgets across brands and verticals in the US, UK & India and evolved with the growth of digital marketing itself. Alongside, I earned digital marketing degrees from NIIT & Wharton while consulting with large brands, startups and nonprofits which helped me build deep expertise across various digital tools, assets, and best practices. Outside of work I’m a yoga enthusiast, an avid reader with a keen interest in equity trading. I’ve recently turned founder with Digital For Nonprofits which works towards digitizing nonprofits to bridge the social divide digitally. My other venture, Digicated, is a premier advisory firm that works with startups and digital-first brands to drive impact through digital marketing maturity. In my free time I’m either reading or talking about books i.e. in case I’m not practicing yoga or trying to figure out equity trading.

Journey of Abhinav Chetan