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The year was 2008, Google had just begun operations in India, and were looking for science graduates with good writing skills; a slightly peculiar job description but one where I fit the bill. After two months of a rigorous selection process involving heavy research on search engines, aptitude tests and several rounds of interviews, I became a proud ‘noogler.’ For the next decade, I found myself caught in the eye of the storm, witnessing the birth of digital marketing, and the evolution of the most fascinating company in the world. I worked with large brands, startups & nonprofit organizations across US, UK and India and evolved with the growth of digital marketing.

In learning the spectrum of digital marketing from organic to paid, I got a chance to lead extensive, integrated campaigns, and manage multi million dollar budgets that helped me build expertise across various digital tools and assets. I soon began training colleagues internally and eventually went on to train agencies, CXOs, startups, nonprofits and educational institutions, which is something I continue to do. From becoming a digital marketing specialist to leaving Google as a product marketing manager, I currently work with nonprofits & startups and enable them to achieve digital marketing maturity. In addition I’ve built specialized workshops on ‘Digital marketing’ and ‘Digital Wellbeing’ based on my experience for interested audiences. 

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