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As a naturally curious individual, my tryst with yoga began in 2010, when I stumbled upon the signboard for the Sivananda Yoga Center. Having read several books on the subject in my early years, I was eager to attempt the practice. It was my first meaningful encounter with Yoga and the center became a second home where I regularly started studying, practicing, and spending my free hours. In 2012, I undertook a Teachers Training Course at the Sivananda Ashram and continued my studies at different yoga schools, thereafter. Among the many practices I learned, Surya Namaskar became my favorite, which I practice regularly and have taught at a variety of forums. From an interest, yoga became a passion and eventually turned into a way of life.

As a student of science, I have always focused on bringing objectivity to practices established through tradition. With a decade of experience that continues to develop and a desire to share my experience, I have distilled my learnings from various schools of thoughts. These learnings are presented as concise workshops and are a blend of yoga & science curated in a simplified manner. The workshops “Art of Attention” and “Homa” are designed to share best practices to enhance general wellbeing.

Current Workshops

Art of Attention

Art of Attention: Be more effective, focused & productive

Burning fire during Homa ritual

Homa: Health, Healing and Harmony through Fire