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In today’s edition, we’ll explore why marketing plays a critical role for business during uncertain times. Then we will look at the longest scientific study ever done on happiness. Finally, we’ll delve into why dogs tilt their heads when listening to you. Marketing, happiness and dogs in Between Calls this week, happy reading!

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“Resilience in marketing is knowing how to play fetch with failure; the secret of happiness is finding the right stick to chase; and why do dogs tilt their heads while listening? They’re just trying to figure out why humans make life so complicated when all you need is a good bone”


Resilience With Marketing

Marketing is often the first budget to be cut when companies are feeling skittish. However, in the turbulent waters of economic uncertainty, while others are trimming their sails, successful companies are hoisting their marketing flags high. These resilient companies understand that weathering storms requires a different approach.
McKinsey marketing experts delve into the crucial role of marketing during economic challenges. Instead of cutting marketing budgets, they advocate for an investor mindset. The article emphasizes historical successes and presents real-world examples of companies that prioritized marketing investment during downturns, leading to substantial long-term gains. With insightful strategies such as fueling growth through efficient spend, embracing tech investments, and adopting a full-funnel approach, this piece offers a roadmap for CMOs to navigate uncertainty and drive resiliency.

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The Secret Of Happiness

What are the key ingredients for a happy and fulfilling life? For over 80 years, a team of researchers at Harvard University has been tracking the lives of 724 participants across three generations to find out. Over the years, the researchers have diligently tracked these individuals, witnessing their journey through life’s highs and lows, including marriage, parenthood, aging, as well as enduring the trials of war, financial struggles, and individual adversity. Through it all, they cracked the code to long lasting happiness.
Join Marc Schulz, the co-author of “The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness,” in this captivating podcast as he delves into the depths of human experience, revealing the essential elements that pave the path to a life of genuine contentment and purpose.

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Why do Dogs Tilt Their Heads ?

Do you ever wonder why your dog tilts its head when you talk to it? Beyond its charming appearance, could there be a deeper significance to this behavior? Scientists have long pondered the reasons behind this adorable gesture driving them to explore its underlying reasons more profoundly. The insights from this unique and uncommon study have added a new layer of fascination to this phenomenon.
Explore the intriguing world of dog cognition as we delve into the intricate ways our four-legged friends process the world around them. Unveil the subtle cues and possible triggers that lead to this endearing tilt, and discover the potential clues it offers about the intricate dance of canine cognition. Unravel this charming mystery and find out what could truly be behind that curious and puzzled expression on your furry companion’s face.

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