Aghora- At The Left Hand Of God

Much more than a book, it is in fact a manual for self, and collective evolution. In this work, Dr Svoboda weaves myth, magic and mystery into a seamless tapestry which seems real and unreal at the same time. Throughout the book, he manages to effortlessly combine philosophy, yoga, spirituality and many other allied fields to decode and simplify an esoteric subject. He quotes his mentor often saying ‘live with reality else reality will come and live with you.’ And throughout the book(s) one is forced to come face to face with reality – it coaxes, cajoles & challenges what one might have taken for granted or never questioned till now. Much like the wand that chooses its wizard, I believe this book chooses its readers, appealing to a select few who   approach it with an open mind and humility. Not for the faint of heart or the easily offended, this book(s) cannot be explained, it is only to be experienced.