Atomic Habits

In India there is no real way to determine if your book is a best seller. I’ve discussed this with many authors and was amused to hear that there is no accurate way to determine the sales of their books. However, when a book appears as a pirated reprint at traffic lights, you know that you’ve hit bestseller status. I spotted Atomic Habits at multiple red lights and given that I’m in the habit of reading books about habits but never adopting them, I had to get my hands on a copy (from where I won’t say). A surprisingly fast read, it had a strong sense of practicality and application. Having clearly studied, refined and applied these principles to become an expert practitioner himself, the author made compelling arguments that were bolstered by anecdotes from wide-ranging fields. In fact, his newsletter, 3-2-1 was among the fastest to 100 K subscribers and now has more than 1M subscribers. His articulation of this subject was clear, succinct, and valid making Atomic Habits a refreshing and useful book. I was immediately comparing it with other classic works in the same category; the power of habit and thinking fast and slow. However in my point of view, Atomic Habits is the best read on the topic of habit formation.