Jnaneshwar’s Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is acknowledged as a literary, and spiritual masterpiece, and is in many ways among the most important texts in the Indian pantheon. It is only natural for it to have invited countless commentaries and translations from a variety of authors over decades. Among many of these, the poet saint, Jnaneshwar, approaches the text with uncommon humility and heartfelt love built on his devotion to his Guru Nivritinath. With its aphorisms, verses and Sanskrit, it is hard to comprehend in its original form and needs to be understood through an authoritative source who has connected with the significance of this text. The Jnaneshwari is one such rendering that sings with clarity, vigor and sweetness. Such is its intensity that even with the original being written in Marathi, the English translation still echoes the tenets that Krishna originally spoke about.