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In today’s edition, we’ll take you on a threefold journey of discovery. First, explore the power of long-form content, equipping you with effective storytelling techniques to drive results. Next, delve into a transformative journey with ‘The Seven Pillars of Spiritual Practice’ Finally, dive into the captivating world of consciousness, unraveling the mysteries of our existence and the brain’s role in shaping our conscious minds. Get ready for an adventure of knowledge and growth. Happy reading!

Kabir Says –

Long form content, spiritual practice & neuroscience walked into a bar. Long form content ordered a manuscript, spiritual practice asked for some mantras and neuroscience said ‘never mind, I’ll skip tonight, these two are giving me a headache.’


Long Form Content Rules

In the world of short attention spans and even shorter content, long form content still rules. Look at how podcasts and newsletters have not just survived but thrived. What does it take to create engaging long-form content that truly resonates with your audience? This step-by-step guide explores everything you need to know to craft compelling long-form content that drives results.

From content planning, including research and outlining, to effective writing techniques and narrative crafting, this guide offers many tips and tricks of the trade. With proven strategies and best practices at your disposal, you can harness the true potential of engaging storytelling to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Use long form content to elevate your marketing efforts, build stronger connections and achieve remarkable results in the digital sphere.


7 Pillars of Spiritual Practice

While there may not be a set formula for spiritual growth, there are certain fundamentals which are common across traditions. ‘The Seven Pillars of Spiritual Practice’ serves as a roadmap to inner transformation and self-realization. With deep wisdom and insightful guidance, it illuminates the interconnected nature of each practice.

From relaxation and letting go to prayer and meditation, these fundamentals represents a stepping stone in the transformative journey towards self-discovery and inner fulfillment. Whether viewed as a linear progression or a balanced interplay, these practices offer a holistic approach to nurturing the soul and establishing a deeper connection with consciousness.


Neuroscience of Consciousness

Ever wondered about the mysteries of our existence? What happens when we lose consciousness during anesthesia? How does consciousness arise, and what mechanisms lie within our brains? Let’s join Anil Seth as he unravels the secrets of our place in the universe, our evolutionary origins, and the captivating enigma of consciousness.

Drawing from personal experiences, Anil delves into the question of how consciousness arises and explores brain mechanisms underlying different states of awareness. Prepare to be intrigued as he unveils the concept of predictive processing, where top-down predictions influence perception, giving rise to visual illusions and hallucinations. With cutting-edge research from his laboratory, he sheds light on the brain basis of conscious experience. This thought-provoking talk sparks curiosity about the very essence of our being.


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