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This week, join us on a journey through brand activism, battling neck pain and the enigmatic world of strange metals. First we will explore the power of brands in championing social causes, then learn how to combat the digital age’s ‘tech neck’ and finally delve into the mysteries of strange metals, challenging our understanding of electricity. Happy Reading !

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“In a world where brand activism stretches further than our tech necks staring at screens, we realize that creating change is like shaping strange metals; tough but incredibly impactful”


Brand Activism

Brands and causes have existed in our minds for millenia, more recently though these two are intersecting more freqently in interesting ways. This has given rise to brand activism, i.e. when a business takes a stand on social, environmental, economic, or political issues. With consumers valuing honesty & authenticity more than ever before, brands too want to echo similar sentiments and express their beliefs.

This exploration of brand activism is not just a study of marketing trends, it’s a reflection of the evolving relationship between brands and their consumers in a world increasingly driven by values and social consciousness. It also points to how brands can act as agents of social reform with examples like Nike’s stance on racism and Patagonia’s take on environmental issues. This is a good read for brands & marketers.


Combating The Tech Neck

Felt a pain in your neck recently ? If you have, please know that you are not alone. Welcome to the world of ‘tech neck’ a modern health challenge that’s becoming increasingly common in our digitally-driven lives. Tech neck arises from the prolonged bending of the head to gaze at electronic devices, leading to discomfort and stiffness. The implications in fact go far beyond temporary aches. It can escalate to chronic pain, headaches and even structural changes in the spine if left unaddressed.

But there’s hope, in this article the author offers expert-recommended tips to alleviate and prevent tech necks. Each recommendation is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, making it simple to integrate these practices into daily routine. It equips readers with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their health effectively, ensuring that technology serves as a boon rather than a bane to their overall well-being. Read it to know how to not let tech get to your neck.


Strange Metals

In standard phsyics we learned that current is a flow of charged particles. But more recently this fundamental belief is being challenged by experiments with strange metals. An experiment conducted at Rice University with a meticulously crafted metallic wire thinner than a bacterium observed the flow of electric current at an almost unimaginable scale. Their findings were astonishing: the current flowed in a manner so smooth and continuous that it suggested the absence of individual electrons. This discovery shakes the very foundation of what we’ve known about electricity for over half a century.

So if not electrons, then what exactly is carrying the current in these strange metals? We do not know yet. This article is more than a scientific study; it’s a journey into the frontiers of physics. It will expand your understanding of the world at its most fundamental level and challenge you to think beyond the boundaries of conventional science. A must read !


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand the basics of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and it’s effects on the brain.

“Act as a healthcare professional skilled in explaining medical conditions in an easily understandable manner. Your task is to elucidate the phenomenon of ‘tech neck’ and its effects on people. Begin with a basic definition of ‘tech neck,’ then systematically break down its causes, symptoms, and potential long-term effects, ensuring each explanation is clear, concise and free of medical jargon. Use analogies or simple examples where possible to illustrate these effects. The aim is to make the information about ‘tech neck’ and its impact on health comprehensible and relevant, highlighting its significance in the context of increasing technology use, for an audience that may not have extensive knowledge in medical or health sciences”


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