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In this week’s edition we dive into the heart of ranking on search engines, the link between breath and vitality and the art of remembering everything. First up is a look at an in depth guide on auditing SEO. Next we explore how breathing can affect longevity. Finally, we’ll look at the man who remembered everything. So we have SEO audits, breathwork and the wonders of memory this week. Happy Reading !

Kabir says –

An SEO expert, a pranayama instructor, and a man who remembered everything walk into a bar. The SEO expert boasts, “I can get anything to rank first on Google.” The pranayama instructor takes a deep breath and says, “I teach health through just breath.” The man who remembered everything sighs, “And now I will remember all of this, sometimes though I wish I could selectively forget because the top result is peace within”


Rank One On Search

Ever wonder how to make your website rank up first on search engines ? Then you need to take a good hard look at SEO or search engine optimization. This is as much a science as an art and a much required aspect of this field is SEO auditing. This involves a meticulous evaluation aimed at enhancing your website’s visibility and engagement. This process has various parts such as examining mobile friendliness, page speed, content relevance, meta tags among others. These are all essential for improving search engine rankings and user experience. Here is a really comprehensive audit guide which you can follow step by step to improve your SEO. I recommend reading it.


Breathe In, Breathe Out

Thousands of years ago eastern medical practitioners unearthed the profound impact of breath manipulation on one’s health, laying the foundation for pranayama techniques that enhance the flow of life force energy or prana within the body. Today backed by scientific research, pranayama stands out for its incredible benefits, from slowing the aging process and boosting self-awareness to significantly reducing stress levels. Embracing these practices can not only alleviate stress and anxiety but also rejuvenate your body and extend your lifespan. So start today and see how a few simple breathing exercises can make a big difference to your day.


Remembering Everything

Ever met someone who can remember what they ate for breakfast ten years ago? Yeah, me neither. But there are individuals who have an incredible ability to remember almost every detail of their lives. It got me thinking – what’s really going on in our brains and how do they remember everything? Here is a story of an individual who experiences life with an extraordinary memory and challenges our understanding of cognitive functioning. This rare condition, known as hyperthymesia, allows him to remember almost every detail of his life and strangely he never thought that this was odd. Such cases provide insights into the complexities of the human mind and memory. It was a gem of a find, this man who remembered everything.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand Cyber Security as a beginner.

“Take the role of a yogi and expert in pranayama, you have to distil the essence of breathing exercises into a concise guide for beginners. Start with a brief overview of pranayama’s benefits for well-being. Then, lead the reader through foundational steps: breath awareness, a basic diaphragmatic breathing exercise and rhythmic breathing to harmonize inhalation and exhalation. Offer simple, daily practice tips and encourage reflection on the experience. Use clear examples and analogies to make pranayama approachable, aiming to equip beginners with the tools to integrate these practices into their lives for enhanced mindfulness and health”


To do this week : Note-taking is a great efficiency tool, but most people are still just writing them out. Did you ever think of creating visuals for your notes? Here’s an excellent video to upgrade your note-taking skills and enjoy a more engaging study experience.

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