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In this week’s edition we dive into competitor analysis from a digital marketing lens, the critical and often overlooked role of veins in our body and the not so idle brain. First we’ll review a digital marketers guide to analyzing any brand. Next we explore how veins in our body matter more than we’d know or notice. Finally, we’ll look at what the brain is up to when it’s not doing anything. Happy Reading !

Kabir says –

A marketer, a cardiologist, and a neuroscientist walk into a bar. The marketer says, “I pick apart competitors like puzzles.” The cardiologist says, “I navigate veins better than Google Maps.” The neuroscientist says, “And I know the brain, it’s the ultimate plotter, never hitting pause.” They all smirk, their professions suddenly seeming like a set-up for a joke only they understand.


Eye On Competition

Eager to outsmart your competitors and win the digital marketing game? Then you need to know them as well as you know your own brand. This in depth guide combines in-house strategies and AI tools to identify any brand’s unique strengths, uncover market opportunities and craft a digital presence that stands out. From keyword to SEO to social media analysis this article lays out clear steps on finding out more about any brand. If you’re serious about understanding your competition from a digital marketing lens then I recommend reading it.


Veiny Matters

We’ve all seen veins, the hardworking circulatory network which hides just beneath out skin. But since they’re not very visible they’re also easy to miss. Veins which if stretched out would be thousands of miles are crucial for transporting blood back to the heart for rejuvenation. But they’re more than just return vessels, they’re a complex network which ensures our organs and tissues thrive. Also they’re not really blue in color as they may appear at first glance. They are a key part of what makes us tick, so understanding more about them is a good idea and this article is a good introduction.


The Idle Brain

Have you ever wondered what your brain is up to when you’re lounging idly? If this research is to be believed then the brain really doesn’t ever take a break. Science reveals that even in repose the brain’s ‘default mode network’ buzzes with activity. From daydreaming to recalling memories, this network is the generator of our internal experience. This is not the only part though – there are other interconnected brain network which help craft our narratives. Some of these also have an intriguing link to various mental health disorders. This mystery is far from over, but each new finding tunes us into the intricate symphony of our cognitive processes and this wonderful steering wheel called the brain.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand Cyber Security as a beginner.

“Drawing on your decades of digital marketing expertise, your task is to demystify competitor tracking and analysis. Begin with the basics of identifying key competitors and their digital footprint. Guide the user through analyzing their competitor’s online strategies, from social media presence to SEO tactics. Offer insights on tools and methods for effective monitoring, emphasizing the importance of learning from competitors to refine one’s marketing approach. Your guide should be straightforward, comprehensive and thorough employing clear examples to illuminate each step. This should be aimed at empowering beginners with practical skills for enhancing their digital marketing strategy by monitoring competition”


To do this week : Elevate your focus and productivity with insights from Dr. Andrew Huberman, a leading neuroscientist. In this short 7 minute video, Dr. Huberman shares a simple yet profoundly effective practice for enhancing focus immediately. If you’re looking to sharpen your attention in a distracted world, this exercise is a must try, watch the video here.

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