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In this week’s edition we dive into Gen AI led innovation in film, the complexities of human deception and the astonishing societal structures of ants. We’ll explore how Sora’s AI can reshape Hollywood’s creative landscape, challenge our perceptions with new research on detecting lies and marvel at the silent yet expansive empires ants have built. Happy Reading !

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We’ve all lied and been lied to, if you haven’t experienced either then you’re lying :)


AI Comes For Cinema

What if we could create video with just a few text prompts ? That’s lights, camera and action at the click of a button. Sora, a groundbreaking AI tool is flipping the script on creativity, making everyone rethink production costs and face tough ethical questions. In fact Tyler Perry paused a massive studio project, caught between excitement and worry over what Gen AI means for the future. With Sora turning written words into lifelike scenes everyone would be left wondering where real creativity ends and AI begins. This technology has the potential to change Hollywood overnight.You can’t miss this tech revolution that’s blending the lines in entertainment and beyond.


The Truth Behind Lies

We’ve all lied and been lied to, if you haven’t experienced either then you’re lying :) And spotting a liar is an age old subject but it isn’t just about watching for fidgets, unusual eye movements or dodgy looks. In fact new research shows that our old methods don’t cut it, a lot of what we thought indicated lying has no actual relationship to it. This is pushing us to rethink how we understand truth and trust. It’s an important subject as well because law enforcement uses a lot of these cues to make life changing decisions. While it’s hard to find the perfect tooklik it’s clear that the current methods need a significant overhaul.


Ant Geopolitics

Did you know that there are more ants on earth than stars in all the galaxies ? They’ve all been right under our feet and they were there before us as well. Just like the epic tales of human empires, ants have been silently crafting their massive kingdoms underground. Their complex and vast society grows and stumbles just like ours, driven by countless individuals working as one. In fact the arc of our hominim species is reflected in the way they grow – exploration, trade, colonisation and war. It’s a fascinating world which most of us never thought of and it’s my favorite read this week.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand how text to video generative AI works

“You are a text-to-video generative ai expert, your goal is to simplify this advanced technology for beginners. Start by explaining the core concept of generative ai, all it’s technological components and how text-to-video models transform written language into visual content. Break down the entire process into understandable steps from analyzing text input to generating corresponding video scenes comprehensively. Highlight all the key technologies involved and how they work together to interpret text and create relevant visuals. Use straightforward examples to illustrate these processes to equip novices with a foundational understanding of text-to-video generation in a clear, engaging manner. Add an example at the end to show how this would work and create this as a clear and comprehensive guide”


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