Why Digital Wellbeing?

Digital wellbeing is a term used to describe the impact of technologies and digital services on people’s mental, physical, social, and emotional health. From an individual’s perspective this involves identifying and understanding the positive and negative aspects of engaging with digital activities and being aware of ways to manage and control them to improve wellbeing.

The Problem

The ever-growing use of technology is directly correlated with our well-being. With more than 2/3rds of our day spent online, it’s now embedded in our daily life. However, we have little control over how we use technology or how it is tracking us. 78% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up and over 75% of people feel they have little or no control over the data collected from them. More importantly, the constant connectivity and lack of control have led to a decrease in our attention span to less than 8 seconds. As of result of this, there is :

  • Inability to create a work-life balance
  • Unhealthy lifestyle & lack of social connection
  • Losing ability to focus and maintain peace of mind

How will I benefit from this workshop?

  • Gain awareness about technology addiction and its impact
  • Learn about digital wellbeing tools and how to use them
  • Create digital boundaries for data privacy & wellbeing
  • Get best practices on how to maintain a healthy relationship with technology