Why Homa?

Of the five elements, fire in particular has been integral to human evolution and vastly accelerated the process by aiding cooking, providing protection and warmth. Given our intimate relationship with fire, it’s been considered sacred and has been worshiped across the world for thousands of years in innumerable ways. Homa is a specific practice wherein different energies are invoked in fire using specific procedures. This process enhances focus, peace, and wellbeing for all participants. To help incorporate it more regularly into our daily life, this workshop explains the importance of fire, traces different fire practices across the world, and dives into the process of homa and how to do it yourself at home.

The Problem

With the rise of screens and artificial light our connection to organic fire has gone down drastically in the past few decades. We’re exposed to all elements on a daily basis, however the element we’ve lost touch most with is fire. As a species we have co-evolved with fire and it’s been instrumental in accelerating our progress. Look at any natural lamp and it attracts our attention, as it’s a great tool to build mental focus, however we now face these issues :

  • No exposure to organic fire on a regular basis
  • Constant exposure to artificial light from screens
  • No active training on how to build focus and attention

How will I benefit from this workshop?

  • Understand the importance of fire
  • Understand the structure and process of homa, a fire ritual
  • Learn about different fire practices from across the world
  • Learn how to do a simple homa yourself