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In this week’s edition of Between Calls we dive into the intriguing worlds of customer effort scores, breath – brain axis and the science of coincidences. First up we’re exploring how minimizing customer effort can transform brand loyalty then we move to the potent power of mindful breathing on our health. And finally we take a peek at the mesmerizing mathematics behind life’s most astonishing coincidences. Happy Reading !

Kabir Says –

“A customer service expert, a yoga instructor and a philosopher walk into a bar. The expert says, “I measure success by how little effort customers make.” The yoga instructor takes a deep breath and responds, “I teach people to make no effort, just breathe.” The philosopher smirks, “And I, my friends, believe every effort and breath here was predestined since there are no coincidences.”


Customer Effort Score

Ever heard of the customer effort score ? I hadn’t till very recently. In essence this metric is designed to guide brands towards creating more effortless customer experiences. This strategy not only measures the ease of interaction but also prioritizes it ensuring that every touchpoint is an opportunity for brands to impress and retain their audience. By focusing on minimizing friction, creating ease and simplicity brands are aiming to improve customer loyalty. It’s an interesting take to build a culture where loyalty is not demanded but naturally follows.


The Breath Brain Crosswalk

Breathing, an act as simple as it is vital is still a mystery to us. Neuroscientists are only beginning to understand how it effects our cognition & emotion. We all know that the breath and brain are closely connected. More recently though scientific studies reveal that mindful breathing can steer our mood, sharpen our focus, improve our performance and bolster our resilience against stress. By adopting practices of slow and deep breathing, we’re not just filling our lungs with air, we’re also inviting calmness into our lives and empowering our mental health. Discover how this seemingly effortless rhythm of lung, muscle and brain holds the key to unlocking our potential. But before that- take a deep breath !


Coincidence or not ?

What are the chances that there are no such things as coincidences ? We’ve all had those moments where we’ve wondered if this was meant to be or is just a chance occurance. Turns out that there is a fascinating world where coincidence and probability converge, revealing the intricate mathematics that underlie life’s most bewildering events. This journey through the mathematics of coincidences challenges our perception of randomness and invites us to marvel at the structured unpredictability of the universe. Maybe there is an explanation for concidences but it’s not evident to us, read this article to find out more.


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To do this week : Breathwork is a transformative practice that promotes mental, emotional and physical health. Here is a great morning guided breathwork routine to learn. Watch video.

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