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In this week’s edition of Between Calls we’re taking you on a journey from the opulent corridors of luxury branding to the invigorating chill of icy dips, and finally to the humbling expanses of the universe. First we start with how luxury brands create the allure which commands sky high prices, then we dip into the health benefits of cold water plunges and finally we examine our limited perception and the vastness of the universe to learn humility. Happy Reading !

Kabir Says –

“Luxury brands sell you the universe in a handbag, ice cold dips sell you humility in a shiver, but the actual universe has the decency to give you both for free – with a side of wonderment”


Luxury Branding

Ever wondered how do luxury brands charge such exhorbitant prices ? The answer lies in great marketing – where exclusivity meets sophistication. Discover how top-tier brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior captivate their audience, transforming the ordinary into covetable experiences. From strategic celebrity collaborations to the digital charm of the metaverse, learn how these brands weave narratives that elevate their products beyond mere commodities. It’s not just about the allure of luxury – it’s about crafting stories that resonate deeply with consumer aspirations and dreams. This is a great read unraveling the secrets behind making a brand not just seen, but desired.


Ice Cold Dips

Plunging into icy waters might seem like an act of madness, but as it turns out, there’s a method to this madness. Cold water immersion has been around from ancient times and exists in the modern-day. Now it is also making waves for its health benefits. Reducing inflammation, boosting immunity and even enhancing mood — the cold holds more power over our wellbeing than we might think. But with great chill comes great responsibility. Let’s explore the invigorating world of cold plunges, where we weigh the potential for vitality against the risks and delve into why this chilling trend is worth considering for your health regimen. I’ve tried it – the first few seconds are hard but once you get through the initial shock, it is not as unbearable as it may look.


The Universe Teaching Humility

Ever feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the universe? You’re not alone. Quantum physics explains how our nervous sytem creates a moment by moment reality as a “constrained hallucination” which is well suited for our limited perception. This reality is however only a tiny fraction, or a sample of what is. Our sensory apparatus from sight to smell to touch to taste to hearing ; all operate in a very small range of perception. In fact there are many animals who have a wider range of perception than us. So if you’re ever feeling too self important, or VIP like then just look out into the universe and learn to be more humble. Because we still know so little. This article serves as a lesson in humility from the universe to us.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand how a luxury brand expert would craft a marketing strategy for your brand.

“Assume the role of a leading expert in luxury branding strategies, your task is to guide a beginner through crafting an impactful marketing campaign using the principles of luxury brand marketing. You must explain the core principles that define luxury branding, making them understandable without industry jargon.

Detail the process of distilling a brand’s unique essence, identifying a precise target audience and creating a narrative that emotionally resonates. Highlight the importance of a strong visual identity, choosing effective marketing channels, cultivating a sense of exclusivity and the necessity of measuring campaign effectiveness to adapt strategies. Use relatable analogies and straightforward examples to demystify the creation of a great marketing campaign, empowering the reader with actionable insights.”


To do this week: Do you have a voice in your head that chatters endlessly? You’re not alone, all of us have it. How to stop idle mental chatter is an essential skill to learn.  Here are three simple tips to stop overthinking.

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