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In this week’s edition, we’re getting down to business with Gen AI and exploring it’s revolutionary potential in India. Shifting gears we then take a deep dive into the science of happiness. It’s more than just feel-good vibes, it’s about understanding what really makes us happy. And for our final section, we zoom into climate change with a look at geoengineering. Is such a bold new approach to climate a go or a no-go? So we have Gen AI in India, the secrets of happiness & making it rain this week. Happy reading!

Kabir says –

A gen AI developer, a happiness researcher, and a geo-engineer walk into an eco-friendly bar. The AI developer says, “I’ve programmed an AI that optimizes itself for maximum efficiency.” The happiness researcher counters, “Great, but can it optimize human happiness, or does it just compute it?” The geo-engineer chimes in, “Both of you think too small, I’m reshaping entire climates here. But can either of you tell if it’s making anyone happier?” The bartender looks up and says ‘“Hey, it seems like we’re part of a bar joke” They all laugh, realizing they’re in a bar where the air is artificially cooled, the lights are perfectly dimmed, and yet, the best laugh still comes from an old-fashioned joke.


Gen AI X India

What does Generative AI mean for business and economic growth in India? In one word ‘revolution’. There’s a fundamental change happening rapidly around us as AI has now become Gen AI. From digital transformations, to new medical discoveries from content autonation to real-world applications driving productivity ; Gen AI seems ubiqitous. It is projected to add trillions to economies globally and India is well positioned to take a lead. As we navigate the complexities of regulatory frameworks designed to foster innovation while protecting privacy, there are ethical and security implications to consider as well. And then there’s the question of where is Gen AI heading ; multi-modal, multi device, super specialized, beyond humans ? Dive into our latest feature to discover how Gen AI can turbocharge India’s economy in the next decade. Full disclosure : It’s an excerpt from my interview with the Trade Promotion Council of India.


The Secrets of Happiness

Now, let’s slow down a bit and wade into the gentle streams of wellness and happiness. Scientists have been on this quest to crack the happiness code, blending psychology with daily life to map out the pathways to true contentment. They’re exploring everything from our genetic makeup to our lifestyle choices to understand how they contribute to our happiness. And now they’re questioning the foundations on which these researches were conducted ! It’s worth it to find what makes us truly happy because it’s not just about chasing fleeting moments of joy but building a foundation of lasting well-being. Ever wonder what really makes us happy? Give the folks who’ve been researching it for decades a read.


Making It Rain

And now, for a topic that’s literally out of this world. Geoengineering, or the science of tweaking Earth’s systems to fight climate change is stepping out from the shadows of science fiction novels into the real world. Here scientists act as Earth’s physicians, proposing bold remedies to address our planet’s fevers. From spraying particles in the sky to brightening clouds, these ideas are as groundbreaking as they are contentious. While the idea has been around for decades, it’s now being deployed more often at scale than before. But along with the excitement there is the ethics of it, sparking debates on whether we can or should try to take control of our planet’s climate. While cloud seeding may have made it rain, it would be better to take preventive measures to counter climate change instead of resorting to such surgical means.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand Geo Engineering.

“You are a leading climate scientist specializing in geoengineering, your task is to educate beginners on the topic using cloud control as an example. Start by defining geoengineering as the deliberate large-scale intervention in Earth’s climate system to counteract climate change. Introduce cloud control as a method to reflect more sunlight back into space, thereby cooling the planet. Explain all the aspects like spraying sea salt to enhance cloud brightness among others. Discuss step by step how this technique can modify cloud properties, reduce global temperatures and its potential impacts. Discuss the ethical considerations and implications for future climate policies, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration in these geoengineering efforts, share arguments from both sides before concluding”


To do this week : Last week we had a feature article on the gut and brain connection which got a lot of positive responses. So here’s a short video which goes deep into the science of how the gut and brain axis work and why you should pay attention to the microbiome. 

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