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This week we dive into making ecommerce work, the healing touch of nature and the complex taste of salt. Starting with navigating the intricate pathways of e-commerce, we uncover the secrets behind successful online shopping experiences and the subtle art of customer conversion. Then we turn towards the tranquil realms of nature and mental health, exploring the profound impact of greenspaces on our psychological well-being. Finally, we journey into the surprisingly mysterious taste of salt, adding weight to the popular adage ‘namak swadanusar’. Happy Reading!

Kabir Says –

“Ingredients of a good day ; ecommerce items delivered in time, a walk in the woods and namak swadanusar”


Make Ecommerce Work

The landscape of e-commerce has undergone a seismic shift due to Covid 19. To understand this space better BCG and Shopify came together and produced a groundbreaking study which analyzed an extensive array of e-commerce sites and related data points. The research delves into critical factors that influence the journey of an online shopper, from initial interest to the final act of purchase.

From traffic sources, to checkout experience, from performance metrics to customer journey design this study serves as a guide in how to make ecommerce work. For businesses seeking to enhance their online presence and conversion rates this article provides a compelling glimpse into the strategies that could shape the future of e-commerce.


Nature Heals & How

When was the last time you stepped on grass, or simply sat under a tree, dipped your feet in running water or gazed aimlessly at the night sky ? A lot of these experiences which were part of our daily routine are fast disappearing due to rapid urbanization. This thought-provoking piece, invites readers to consider the profound impact that greenspaces can have on mental health. The authors explore the concept of ‘greenspace’ – a term encompassing everything from urban parks to wilderness environments.

Weaving together research findings and real-world examples, the study illustrates how proximity to nature can influence our psychological state, from reducing anxiety and depression to enhancing overall well-being. In essence, this piece is not just an academic discourse; it’s a call to rediscover our innate connection with nature. For anyone intrigued by the intersection of environment, psychology and health, this article is a must-read, with insights that might just change the way we view the world around us.


The Secrets of Salt

Did you know that the taste of common salt has been researched extensively for decades yet it remains a mystery. Salt which is an everyday seasoning, holds a surprisingly complex and mysterious place in our culinary and biological experiences. In a fascinating exploration, this article delves into the dual nature of salt taste, revealing a tale of two systems that our bodies use to perceive this essential mineral. There is a dual perception of salt in our body which plays a crucial role in balancing our need for sodium – a mineral vital for muscle and nerve function, yet potentially harmful in excess.

The journey to understand how our taste buds discern different kinds of saltiness is a scientific saga spanning over four decades. While significant strides have been made in understanding the receptors for sweet, bitter and umami tastes, salt taste remains an enigma. In fact, the more they look at salt sensation, the weirder it gets. Who knew that ‘namak swadanusar’ would mean more that meets the eye.


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