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In this week’s edition, we dive into maximizing Instagram engagement, the essentials of restful sleep, and the mysteries of cosmic gamma-ray bursts. We start by decoding the best moments to post on Instagram, offering insights to elevate your social media strategy. Next we explore the pivotal role of sleep in our lives and how to harness its rejuvenating power. Finally, we journey into the vast expanse of space, unraveling the mysteries behind the universe’s most explosive phenomena which yields precious secrets and more. Happy Reading!

Kabir Says –

“A social media strategist, a sleep expert, and an astrophysicist walk into a bar. The strategist says, “The best time to post is now” The sleep expert retorts, “Only if you’ve had your full 8 hours.” The astrophysicist looks up and muses, “You know, in the grand scheme of the universe, any time is both infinitely significant and utterly irrelevant.”


It’s Insta Time

Are you ready to turn your Instagram game up a notch? It’s time to dive into the art & science of perfect timing with HubSpot’s groundbreaking research. Imagine knowing exactly when to hit ‘post’ to improve engagement. So what is the magic window? Between 6 PM and 9 PM, peaking at 8 PM. Why settle for average when Fridays and Saturdays are your golden tickets to Instagram stardom. This is data gleaned from an analysis of a whopping 110 million posts. Whether you’re a social media rookie or a seasoned pro, this article is an insightful read offering you a strategic edge to dominate Instagram feeds. Get ready to post smarter, not harder, and watch your Instagram presence fly.


How Long Should You Sleep

Ever wondered how much shut-eye you actually need to conquer the day? Picture this: a world where you wake up refreshed everyday not by chance but by design. Harvard Health research suggests 7 to 9 hours is the sweet spot for adults, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Sleep is almost 1/3rd of our lives so understanding how it impacts us is critical. In this article you’ll learn why those precious hours of sleep are key for health, vitality and a sharp mind. Understanding your sleep cycle is key for a brighter, more energetic you. A wise man one said ‘many a sorrow can be allivieated with good sleep’.


Cosmic Blasts

Gamma rays are the most energetic form of light and also a great source of mystery. When dead stars collide, they launch a blast of gamma rays into space — and in the glittering debris surrounding the smashup among other things, precious metals such as gold and platinum are forged. In this article Quanta Magazine takes us on an exhilarating ride through space, revealing how recent bursts are challenging everything we thought we knew. By exploring these bursts we may have to rewrite the existing theories of cosmic cataclysms. From the life and death of stars to the mysteries of black holes and dark matter, gamma rays serve as a window into the most extreme and energetic processes in the cosmos.


Ignite Ideas, One Prompt At A Time: Plug in this prompt to any LLM to understand the role of gamma rays in the field of astronomy.

“Take on the role of an astrophysicist with expertise in communicating complex scientific concepts in a clear and engaging manner. Your objective is to provide an insightful explanation of gamma rays and their pivotal role in astronomy. Begin with a concise definition of gamma rays, emphasizing their position in the electromagnetic spectrum and their distinct high-energy characteristics. Proceed to explain their sources, such as supernovae and black hole activities and how these origins contribute to our understanding of cosmic events. Discuss the significance of gamma rays in astronomical research, particularly in areas like the study of cosmic explosions, the behavior of distant galaxies and the investigation of astrophysical phenomena like dark matter. Present this information in a manner that is both informative and captivating, suitable for an audience with a budding interest in astrophysics but limited prior knowledge”


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