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In today’s issue, we’ll delve into the ever changing world of digital marketing and explore how recent changes in social media are reshaping user engagement. We’ll also uncover some secrets of a healthier lifestyle in our wellness section, revealing how small changes can lead to significant longevity benefits. And in our science spotlight, we’ll embark on an incredible journey of brain evolution & how that makes us who we are. Let’s dive right in !

Kabir Says –

” What do a DM slider, a couch potato and a human brain say to each other – Let’s connect, let’s relax, let’s evolve !”


Sliding Into DM’s

Have you seen a dip in comments on your or your brand’s social media pages? Well it may be because of the recent changes in user behavior. Users are increasingly choosing to share updates within more intimate circles through direct messages rather than posting publicly. As Meta prioritizes direct message interactions, there will likely be a decline in post engagement through comments, with more content being shared privately.

Marketers need to adapt to this evolving trend, recognizing the potential for generating conversions through messaging discussions and exploring new opportunities for direct chat engagement methods. This is one reason why Whatsapp is growing in terms of popularity as a marketing channel as brands can land directly into your inbox. Messaging is now the new social feed !


Get Moving Now

Did you know that 1/3 people globally over the age of 15 don’t do adequate physical activity on a daily basis. In fact the average urban knowledge worker spends more all their day either sitting or sleeping. This is now how our bodies evolved, with rapid industrialization we are adding to our comforts but at the cost of our health.

It’s well documented that sedentary lifestyles can have multiple adverse effects on the human body. An increasing body of work in the past few years has thrown light on just how bad this can be for our health. Sedentary lifestyles are associated with increased risks of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, and cognitive impairment.

So how do you counteract this? Even small increases in physical activity and reducing sedentary time can have significant health benefits. This study recommends limiting sedentary leisure time and engaging in any sort of physical activity, especially for children and adolescents. Create a routine which gets you moving on a daily basis, your future self will thank you for it.


An Ever Evolving Brain

It’s been 150+ years since Darwin published his monumental On the Origin of Species, but we still haven’t fully understood how the brain evolved to its current state. How did our distinctive brains evolve? What genetic changes, coupled with natural selection, gave us language? What allowed modern humans to form complex societies, pursue science, create art? While we have some understanding of the genes that differentiate us from other primates, that knowledge cannot fully explain human brain evolution. Understanding how our brains evolve is a critical task because that is what makes us human.

The creation of the Allen Discovery Center for Human Brain Evolution with a $10 M grant will go a long way towards crossing this frontier in our understanding of the human brain. By uncovering the genetic and molecular forces that have contributed to the development of the human brain, this groundbreaking project could provide valuable insights into brain evolution, brain development, and human behavior.


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