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In today’s issue, we’ll delve into the realm of algorithms where the mysterious Instagram ranking factors are unveiled, revealing some part of its inner workings. Then we’ll explore the fascinating link between nature exposure & wellness as scientific research sheds light on its potential to enhance mental well-being. Finally we’ll journey into evolutionary biology, where genetic diversity and population dynamics shape the fate of species conservation. Are you ready to expand your horizons ? Let’s dive right in !

Kabir Says –

“Instagram’s algorithm, a blade of grass, and a DNA strand walk into a bar. Instagram orders mystery, the grass insists on authenticity, and DNA opts for variety. Sadly it’s a dry day so they all settle for lemonade !”


Insta’s Ranking Secrets

How does the content you see on you Instagram page appear there, who or what decides what to show and what not to show. The answer is the Instagram algorithm which is seen as this all-mighty black box, inside which only those with some secret formula can see. Social media marketing has been a dominant force in digital marketing for several years, and the industry has vast amounts of collective knowledge. But there is no real authority on how does ranking function.

So what better way to discover the inner workings of Instagram’s ranking system than from the horse’s mouth? Meta has recently published an insightful article on the Instagram ranking algorithm. Some of the factors Instagram uses to arrange the feed are; your activity, information about the post, information about the person who posted and many more. Based on these factors, Instagram makes a set of predictions. It also pushes content that do not meet its content guidelines lower down or out of the feed. This makes for a fascinating read, don’t miss out on these Instagram secrets and get a glimpse of how algorithms function.


Touch Grass

When was the last time you stepped out in nature ? And not the society park or your balcony don’t really count. The common internet comment section insult, touch grass, turns out is actually good advice. Nature exposure and nature connectedness has emerged as a potential mitigating factor for mental illnesses and promoter of mental well-being. A study conducted in Guangzhou, China, demonstrates that regular nature exposure can reduce mental illness and contributes to well being. It suggests that there is a direct link between exposure to nature and mental health outcomes, something which our grandparents always knew but we seem to have forgotten.

By prioritizing accessible pro-mental health initiatives that emphasize both nature exposure and nature connectedness, we can potentially enhance well being of individuals and strengthen the human-nature relationship in our increasingly urbanized world. And if you’re wondering what touch grass means ; get off the internet and go outside :)


Diversity For The Win

A little bit of diversity goes a long way ; said an evolutionary biologist or maybe not but it is the truth. If you read the story of the northern white rhino you will see how genetic diversity plays an important role in population dynamics & species conservation. Conservation efforts can maximize a species adaptive potential by focusing on the preservation of distinct populations and their unique genomic characteristics, not just the species.

By maintaining full genetic diversity it is seen that species can better adapt and evolve in response to environmental changes. The challenge lies in striking a delicate balance between preserving genetic diversity and preventing inbreeding bottlenecks that can lead to losing a species ability to sustain itself. As researchers delve deeper into the genetic intricacies of diverse organisms, they provide valuable insights that aid in making informed decisions and ensure a more effective and comprehensive approach to conservation.


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