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In this week’s edition we will explore how sustainable practices in digital advertising can give businesses a competitive edge. Then we’ll look at an alternative point of view on the 10,000 steps for everyone theory. Finally we’ll see how there are limits to finding even the most common things mathematically.

Kabir Says –

“For digital ads going green or the 10,000 steps theory or for finding hay in a haystack, it’s all about connecting the dots – whether its pixels, health, or data points!”


Digital Marketing’s Sustainability Push

The digital advertising industry is experiencing a significant shift towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. As consumers become increasingly aware of the impact of their actions on the planet, advertisers must adapt to meet this demand. Ad tech companies are responding by developing new technologies and solutions that enable more sustainable programmatic advertising ecosystems.

By embracing these changes, businesses can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also gain a competitive edge by appealing to a growing segment of socially conscious consumers. The future of digital advertising is in sustainable practices, and the companies that recognize this will be the ones that succeed.


10,000 Steps For Everyone

Walking 10,000 steps a day has been a popular target for many fitness enthusiasts, but recent studies suggest that it may not be the magic number for everyone. While 10,000 steps can certainly lead to improved health and fitness, it may not be the best goal for people who are not used to being physically active or are at different life stages. Instead, it is recommended that individuals gradually increase their daily steps and set personalized goals based on their current fitness levels. This approach can lead to greater motivation, consistency, and overall success in achieving long-term health benefits. The 10,000 steps for everyone may be more of a good marketing strategy than a magic pill for health.


Finding Hay In A Haystack Mathematically

In mathematics, discovering common elements can sometimes be a difficult task, akin to looking for hay in a haystack. Take irrational numbers, for example, which are far more common than rational numbers like fractions. Despite their prevalence, we rarely come across them in our daily lives. This is because irrational numbers, such as pi, are difficult to write down due to their infinite decimal expansions, which makes them seem almost invisible compared to more familiar numbers.

This challenge of finding ordinary things is not limited to numbers but extends to other areas of mathematics, like geometry. Most shapes cannot be represented by simple equations, making them harder to identify. However, a field known as “tropical geometry” offers a clever way to uncover the existence of these hidden geometric objects. In math, when you believe something is everywhere, all you need to do is find one example to prove its abundance.


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