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In this week’s edition we will explore how in digital marketing, businesses are utilizing augmented reality to provide customers with unique and immersive experiences. Then we will look at how eating well is crucial for overall health and wellbeing, and what research shows about a balanced diet. Finally we’ll delve into studies on time crystals and their fascinating properties that could revolutionize the fields of quantum computing and timekeeping. Let’s dive in !

Kabir Says –

“What happens when you find augmented reality, eating well and time crystals in your lunchbox ; you get a feast for your eyes, your body and your soul”


Augmented Reality Augmenting Marketing

Remember Pokemon Go ? A few years ago millions of people went on a hunt to find these virtual creatures in a frenzy. The game raked in $200M in it’s first month alone setting a world record. So what really is Augmented Reality ? In simple terms by using a gadget AR enhances a user’s physical environment with digital content overlaid right on top of it. Augmented reality or AR is transforming the way businesses market their products and services by enabling them to create unique and immersive experiences for their customers. When used in marketing AR has several benefits, including increased customer engagement, improved brand recognition, and higher conversion rates. Just ask Toyota, Gucci, Sephora and Ikea among several other large brands who are leveraging this technology.


Eating Well For Being Well

Eating well has long been associated with being well, and a significant amount of time in our life goes into food ; it’s sourcing, preparation and consumption. The eating well guide categorizes nourishment into five core food groups: fruits and vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, proteins, dairy and alternatives, and oils and spreads. By diversifying your intake from each group, you can furnish your body with essential macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for good health.

The eatwell guide’s applicability extends to most individuals, irrespective of weight, dietary restrictions, or ethnicity, and functions as a good reference for meal planning, grocery shopping, and even dining out. By paying more attention to what you’re eating you can elevate your overall health and wellness.


Time Crystals Challenging Conventional Laws

The concept of time crystal has fascinated scientists for decades, and recent research has led to a better understanding of these unique structures. Unlike traditional crystals, which have a fixed and static pattern, time crystals exhibit periodic motion in time, oscillating between different states without any external energy input. This unusual property could have significant implications for quantum computing and timekeeping devices.

Researchers have used a range of techniques, including ultra-cold atoms and diamond defects, to create and observe time crystals. However, some experts remain skeptical about whether these structures truly qualify as time crystals, as their properties may not meet the theoretical criteria. Despite this debate, the study of time crystals is a rapidly evolving field that promises to shed light on the fundamental nature of time and matter.


To do this week: Want to work out but are not finding the time to ? While there are no substitutes for proper exercise, here’s a seven minute full body workout to consider.

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