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In this edition, we delve into the latest trends in video advertising, exploring key considerations such as audience targeting, storytelling, and leveraging YouTube as a platform. Then we will switch to some valuable insights on managing anxiety through proven techniques like mindfulness and cognitive restructuring, with inputs from mental health professionals. Finally, we’ll look at the fascinating world of songbirds and their neural mechanisms underlying vocal learning, shedding light on the role of auditory experience in shaping communication. Let’s dive in !

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Kabir Says –

“Cue the videos, lower your worries and let the songbirds sing ; dipping into visual treats, tranquil depths and melodious tweets”


Video, Video Everywhere

Did you know that almost 50% of every internet user comes online to watch videos ? That’s a very large engaged population spending a great deal of time online. And where consumer interest goes, advertising follows. This is why video advertising has become a crucial element in digital marketing campaigns. This Think with Google article discusses the importance of understanding the audience and their preferences, using data-driven insights for targeting, creating compelling and relevant content, and optimizing video content for various platforms and devices. In addition the author emphasizes the significance of storytelling, emotional engagement, and authenticity in video ads. Finally they stress on the importance of monitoring metrics, testing and iterating on video ads for continuous improvement. A must read for all marketers!


Worry Less, Do More

Ever wondered why we worry so much and so often ? There is a deep seated link between worrying and our evolution, this is how our brains reacted to threat perception and we are wired to behave in a certain manner. However excessive worrying and overthinking can often lead to anxiety and affect one’s daily life. There are several strategies one can adopt to manage these thoughts and ease anxiety. This article provides valuable insights into proven techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and journaling. It stresses on the importance of physical activity, sleep, and social support in managing anxiety. With expert inputs from mental health professionals, this is a good read for anyone struggling with overthinking & worrying.


The Songbird’s Song

Have you ever woken up to an orchestra of bird songs ? In fact India has the highest number of songbirds anywhere in the world. Scientists have long been fascinated by the ability of songbirds to learn and produce complex vocalizations. In a recent study, researchers from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune investigated the neural mechanisms underlying this process. By using electrophysiology and behavioral experiments, they found that neurons in the songbird brain actively filter out irrelevant sounds during the critical period of vocal learning. Furthermore, they discovered that exposure to naturalistic sounds during this period could enhance song learning, potentially shedding light on the role of auditory experience in shaping vocal communication. These findings not only contribute to our understanding of the neural basis of song learning in birds but also have implications for research on human speech acquisition and communication.


To do this week: Worried about something, maybe a proven breathing technique can help, here’s Dr Andrew Huberman explaining the physiological sigh to counter your stress.

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