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In today’s issue, we’re delving into the environmental footprint of digital advertising and how we can take steps to reduce it’s negative impact. Then we will explore the intricate connection between the mind and body, something which got lost with the advent of western medicine but is seeing a revival now. Finally we will marvel at the world of animal intelligence in our science spotlight, and see some remarkable examples of extraordinary cognition among our fauna friends. Are you ready to learn something new ? Let’s dive right in !

Kabir Says –

“A carbon-conscious ad, a yoga enthusiast, and an octopus walk into a bar. The ad requests an ‘offset’ ale, the yogi orders zen tea, and the octopus nabs eight drinks at once. Where else would you get responsibility, harmony & intelligence served in one order ?”


The Carbon Shadow Of Digital Ads

Did you know that digital advertising campaigns we run and are targeted by emit hundreds of tons of CO2? For example in the UK a typical digital ad campaign emits over 5.2 tons of CO2. These emissions often go unnoticed, even though the advertising industry has a huge influence on our consumption habits. Not only does online advertising drive our often excessive shopping habits, but the routine exposure to various ad formats impacts the global carbon footprint in a big way.

To tackle this issue, it’s crucial for all stakeholders to understand the concept of carbon neutrality and pinpoint the sources of emissions within the ad supply chain. There are actionable steps that advertisers and consumers can take to make a difference, from producing ads locally to adopting different formats and to holding brands accountable. The good news is that achieving carbon neutrality in the digital ads ecosystem is more achievable than in other industries. all it needs is for brands, agencies & consumers to be more environment conscious. It’s all about making conscious choices for a more sustainable future.


Body & Mind, Mind & Body

Mind affects body and body affects mind, we’ve known this forever but somehow this doesn’t come into practice for most individuals. The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine, the immune systems, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another. Our bodies and minds are in a constant dance of communication and influence, they are not separate entities but intertwined aspects of our overall health​.

Mind-body therapies like yoga, tai chi, and mindfulness-based stress reduction work by harnessing this connection showing us that what we do physically can impact our mental states and how our mental states can manifest physically​​. This isn’t a new-age concept but a perspective that dates back centuries. It was only around 300 years ago that Western medicine started viewing the mind and body as separate. But post covid we are seeing a resurgence of interest and research into this integral connection​​. So as we navigate our busy professional lives, let’s remember to consider our wellness holistically, acknowledging the powerful interplay between our minds and bodies.


AI =Animal Intelligence

Long before we had artificial intelligence we had animal intelligence. We’re talking about animals who can solve intricate problems and show off some jaw-dropping skills. They push the boundaries of what we think we know about cognition. If you thought only human beings possess intelligence, think again. In the field of comparative cognition research, scientists obsessively study mental representations, learning processes, and problem-solving abilities in animals. Here the question is not about higher or lower intelligence as we have been made to believe, it’s more about the difference & application of intelligence.

Imagine orangutans surprising everyone by washing clothes, and dogs blowing our minds with their innovative ways of communicating. This investigation challenges everything we knew or thought about animals. This is a fascinating examination of our place on this planet and among animals !


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