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In today’s edition, we’ll dive into the magic of App Store Optimization and uncover how ASO boosts app visibility. Then we will examine the science behind Intermittent Fasting and how timed eating has enviable health perks. Finally we’ll look at how we’re causing a jam up in the skies with space debris & how can we combat space pollution. Exciting subjects all, so let’s get started!

Kabir Says –

“An app store optimizer, an intermittent faster, and a space debris cleaner walk into a bar. The optimizer says, ‘Which drink has the most downloads?’, the faster checks the time and says, ‘Is it my window to eat yet?’, and the cleaner wonders, ‘How often do you dust this place, anyway?”


ASO : Art Of Ranking on App stores

Ever wondered how some apps always seem to be at the top of your app store search results? It’s all thanks to a nifty process known as App Store Optimization (ASO), a strategic method aimed at boosting an app’s visibility increasing user engagement and downloads. Without ASO, your app’s ranking and visibility would be at the mercy of the app store’s search engine and well a sprinkle of good fortune.

ASO is often dubbed as the app store’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it shares SEO’s core elements like keyword optimization, backlinking, and conversion optimization. But ASO isn’t a one-size-fits-all tactic. It changes for different app stores each having its unique ranking factors. While the ultimate goal of ASO is to ramp up downloads and create a loyal user base understanding your target audience and their keyword usage is the real game-changer. If you’re interested in this this awesome field of ASO then this is a great resource to get started.


To Fast Or Not To Fast

Have you heard of Intermittent Fasting (IF)? This dietary practice is not just a passing trend but a lifestyle game changer, promising a host of health rewards. From kickstarting weight loss to fine-tuning blood pressure, IF has proven its mettle. But the perks don’t end there as it can also reduce inflammation and boost brain functions as the gut is directly related to the brain. What’s funny is that this is how we always used to eat, twice a day. Then things changed with refrigeration, fast food and now food delivery at doorsteps.

It may seem daunting to switch up your eating habits, but the secret to mastering IF is all in the timing. When orchestrated right it can turn into a sustainable strategy all without the constant hunger pangs of traditional calorie restriction. Read more about IF before you consider any drastic changes in your diet, this resources is a great starting point.


Space Jam with Junk

Space debris also known as space junk refers to artificial, defunct objects that have accumulated in near-Earth space and are orbiting and potentially hazardous to human-made objects in space. The amount of space debris in orbit increases hand-in-hand with the growth of the space industry on Earth. Space debris can be as small as a paint fleck or as large as an abandoned rocket launch vehicle no matter the size, orbital debris pose a significant threat to the astronauts and spacecraft that work in Earth’s orbit.

The growing problem of space debris has raised concerns among international researchers who are calling for a legally-binding treaty to help protect Earth’s orbit before it becomes irreparably polluted with debris. Fortunately there are efforts underway to address the issue of space debris including the development of debris removal technologies and the implementation of international guidelines for space debris mitigation. It’s ironic how we’ve managed to pollute not just the earth and water but space as well !


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